Difficult times for all four-legged friends 🥺

Yesterday, when Mama Filiz arrived at the home, she saw this little puppy behind the home fence, her eyes full of fear. 😞 Mum Filiz immediately opened the gate and tried to get closer. But the little one was too scared. So she put her water and food and spoke to her calmly. After a few hours, she was able to approach her. And already this morning she enjoys the caresses 🥰.

Once again, someone just threw a dog over the home fence.🥺 But we are very grateful that they brought the little one to us and not suspended. 🙏🏻 Because the situation on the ground is getting worse by the day as a result of the curfews. The whole situation makes our work difficult and the dogs on the streets can no longer find food. It is a real struggle, because we will only survive with your help. 🙏🏻😔🙏🏻