Thirsty puppies, part 1

Thirsty puppies, part 1 When we noticed these sweet little ones in front of the gate, some of them had already thirstily made their way to the water. Full of horror we collected them all. Far and wide nobody else to see. Simply once again disposed of in front of the gate. 😢 Immediately we put

Roadside 😔

Yesterday evening on the way home, Mama Filiz noticed this dog on the side of the road. She did not have a good feeling and drove back again. He hardly moved and just lay there. 😔 Mama Filiz didn't think twice as usual and went with him to the vet. His condition is still very

Helpless 😢

We found her hiding in a sewer pipe. Already at the first sight we knew that the little one must have been seriously injured, because when she saw us, she didn't make a move and just looked at us. 🥺 Carefully mummy Filiz lifted her out of the pipe with help and went directly to

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