All love

Today is Mama Filiz day. 💖 Mama Filiz rescued us all out of trouble. She gives us her love every day. She plays and cuddles with us, she cares for us and her only wish is that we all are well. Thank you Mama Filiz! 💞 We wish you all the best for the dog-mom-day

edge of the forest

Almost 5 months ago we found her at the edge of the forest. She was in bad shape. During this time she has developed into a real beauty with us. When Mama Filiz looks into her eyes, she feels infinite gratitude Thanks to your support she is much better, but she still needs mummy Filiz


Remember us? Rescued from the dump, we were fighting for our lives. And now look how we've grown. 🥰 Thanks to all who believed in us! ❤️ Thanks to your donations we always had enough food and the nasty vaccinations we got. 🙏🏻 Don't forget us in these difficult times, because donations save lives.🐾❤️

Once again…

Once again... Once again, we are stunned. And left in a sack in front of the gate😤. The three are still so small.🥺They are full of ticks and are hungry. In a hurry we built an enclosure and hardly dropped it, they taught the bowl.☺️ Now it is time to thoroughly examine the three little

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