In the year 2019 we decided to found the association Help Dog Sarköy to help dogs in need in Sarköy (Tekirdag province, Turkey) to have a better life. With us all animals have a right to live. As a non-profit organization we work voluntarily for the welfare of the animals.

Together with the private animal shelter Sahaydost in Sarköy, we give a home to the puppies, which have no chance of survival on the streets. Through daily volunteer work the dogs at the shelter receive as much love and attention as possible.

The strays in the streets of Sarköy are also fed and medically treated with heart and soul. Because surviving on the streets is hard.

The costs for food, medicine and vaccinations go on forever. Thanks to your donations we can give our four-legged friends a better life every day. A look into the shining eyes of our puppies makes our hearts light up.

Every cent is used directly for the help on site. All helpers of the association Help Dog Sarköy and the animal shelter Sahaydost work free of charge.

A huge thank you for your donations