Helpless 😢

We found her hiding in a sewer pipe. Already at the first sight we knew that the little one must have been seriously injured, because when she saw us, she didn’t make a move and just looked at us. 🥺 Carefully mummy Filiz lifted her out of the pipe with help and went directly to our vet. 🙁
She was immediately x-rayed and examined. She must have been hit by a car because her hind leg is broken. 😥 We do not want to imagine what the little one has already been through and what terrible pain she is in. 😥
Due to the complicated fracture, we were unable to operate on her. So the doctor gave her painkillers and Mama Filiz went to the nearest town (Tekirdag) to see a specialist in an emergency.
Mama Filiz waited with trepidation and when the doctor told her that everything went well, a huge stone fell from her heart. 🧡
The little one now needs a lot of rest and care and so she has taken in a helper for the time being. 🙏🏻
🆘 We cannot cover the costs of the specialist without your help. 🆘
And the little one needs more treatments.
Please help us with a donation 🙏🏻