International Day of Strays April 4

International Day of Strays April 4

Today is World Stray Animal Day. Today we should mainly think about the strays of this world, carry out castrations, organise education on the spot etc. 🙏🏻

COVID 19 stops the relief efforts. There is a standstill. The strays hardly get food and water on the streets. In addition, there are the dogs, which are exposed by the owners due to the current situation.😢

But right now, during this crisis, the street dogs need us all the more. 🥺

We have a duty to provide the street dogs with food and water every day, as well as to protect and care for them. 🙏🏻

With your help, we can help the spreaders on the ground. We take in sick, approached, starving dogs and take care of them in our shelter. Please help us with a donation so that we can give the strays a more beautiful life. 🐾❤️🐾