Little fluffy ball of fur 🆘

A lady has been hearing a whining in her front yard for a few days now. When she looks, she sees this little fluffy ball of fur.😢 She picks up the phone and immediately calls Mama Filiz. Of course Mama Filiz went straight to her. One look at the little one and he had already conquered Mama Filiz’s heart.💖 No question about it, the little one is of course coming with us. 🙏🏻
Mama Filiz went with the little one to the vet. He has been thoroughly examined and his condition is not stable. Besides, he is covered with fleas.😔 After the first treatments we were luckily to take him with us.🥰
He will need some more medical care until his condition is stable again, but now he can come to us in peace and discover his new home.🥰
The little ball of wool urgently needs your help. 🙏🏻 We need your donation to cover the medical costs.🆘