Thirsty puppies, part 1

Thirsty puppies, part 1
When we noticed these sweet little ones in front of the gate, some of them had already thirstily made their way to the water. Full of horror we collected them all. Far and wide nobody else to see. Simply once again disposed of in front of the gate. 😢
Immediately we put water and food for them and look how they drink. 😊
Unfortunately two little souls died, we were too late.  😓It’s heartbreaking. 😓
The sun is shining and it is already hot, how can you just leave these puppies here like this? For us incomprehensible! Why are we not simply called? 😔
5 are with us now, and we are doing everything so that they may grow up with us without thirst or hunger. 💞
We need your help for that. Help the little ones with your donation 🙏🏻