SOS - new construction of a dog home - otherwise 90 dogs are back on the street

We received shocking news in November. We and our 90 dogs have to leave the property by August 2021 at the latest. The lease has been terminated.

After this news, we were all devastated, we didn’t know what to do next. What happens to our dogs in August? What do we do? We thought about it a lot, but never thought about giving up.

The decision has been made. We take the chance to build a home with love for our dogs, a new dog home.

After an intensive search, our dream has come true. We have found a suitable plot of land.

Now the plans have to be implemented quickly: raise the fence, build a water supply, build a sewer system / sewer, build dog enclosures, buy dog houses and much more. We are facing a strict, busy time, because the time to realize everything is short and our biggest concern is the financing.

Our new project is a big challenge and the costs are infinite. Our fur noses are important to us and we want to create a wonderful place for them. But to implement this project, we are up donate reliant.

The Help Dog Association is happy about every franc! The money goes entirely to the operation of the dog shelter. As a non-profit organization we work voluntarily for the welfare of the animals.

Here you can get an insight into our project and the construction plans:

If you would like to find out more about the project, please contact us at any time.

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